Inside TAP

The Task-based Asynchronous Pattern streamlines asynchronous programming and extends the multithreading capabilities of the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.


Deep Dive: Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern

This article introduces the TAP and the associated .NET language changes that streamline asynchronous programming and extend the multithreading enhancements in the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

Tear-Off ToolStrips in Windows Forms

Starting with Microsoft Office, users have been able to double-click or drag a toolbar and have it become a floating window that can be moved or docked to the side of the application window. Here's how to implement a basic version of this behavior in C# Windows Forms applications.

C# Corner

C# Questions Answered: Lambda, C# Traps, Unsafe Code

Patrick Steele responds to questions about Lambda properties, interface-based code, and unsubscribing from events, among others.


C# Practice Makes Perfect

For years, nobody cared that the legacy image-syncing application consumed as much bandwidth and processing time as it did.


Threats or Opportunities?

Microsoft faces new threats today, like smartphones and tablets, but are they more severe than past ones?

Letters from Readers

Letters: Readers Sound Off About HTML5

Robby Ingebretsen's July VSInsider column on HTML5 produced plenty of opinions.

Practical .NET

WCF: Creating Long-Running Services

Not all business operations finish in seconds. Using Windows Communication Foundation you can still create -- as a single project -- an application that supports business services that take hours (or days or weeks or months) to complete.

Redmond Review

LightSwitch: The Answer to the Right Question

After nearly a full year in beta, Microsoft yesterday released Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011. Andrew Brust explains why LightSwitch defies categorization and is a lot more than just another framework-based tool for generating code.


Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management

Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management provides a centralized way to create, manage and share environments in your domain-joined Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 development shop.

Product Reviews

Ease .NET Code Documentation Pain

If you're documenting your .NET code for other developers, you should follow the standards that Microsoft has developed. Document! X 2011 for Visual Studio will make that job considerably faster and easier.

.NET Insight

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