More Power

Visual Studio 11 adds a host of new capabilities guaranteed to supercharge your favorite IDE.


Porting a Silverlight App to a Metro-Style App

Many developers are worried about the compatibility of Silverlight with Metro-style applications. This project shows that those fears are overblown.

Inside Visual Studio 11: A Guided Tour

Visual Studio 11 is packed with new features to help you be a more efficient, productive developer. Here's your guided tour.


An Epic FAIL for this Web Service

The office where Peter L. works was abuzz with excitement one morning a few months ago when the familiar, bland corporate art was missing from the wall opposite the elevators.


Selling Windows Phone to the Sellers

The problem isn't Windows Phone: Rather, it's the people selling Windows Phone, who are mostly clueless about what it can do.

Letters from Readers

Readers React: Silverlight's Future

Readers react to a column discussing the future of Silverlight.

Papa's Perspective

5-Minute Tour of CSS3 Background Gradients

Major browsers support CSS3 gradients (including Internet Explorer 10), but with different rendering engines, it's still good to have fallbacks.

Practical .NET

Exploiting the .NET Validation Frameworks

Implementing one of three interfaces can turn your business classes into self-validating components that seamlessly integrate into WPF, Silverlight and ASP.NET MVC applications -- and can be easily extended to other environments.

Redmond Review

The Survival of Microsoft's Fittest

A certain Darwinian evolution is taking place at Microsoft. Some product species are more fit, with better chances for survival. You can understand and work with Microsoft's changes, rather than being passively impacted by them.

Product Reviews

Creating JavaScript UIs with the New Telerik HTML5 Framework

The Telerik Kendo UI framework for HTML5 apps is an excellent product. But even if you like it, should you buy a set of jQuery plug-ins that you can assemble together for free?

.NET Insight

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