Bridging the Gap

Build your app once, and run it on multiple devices. For real.


Windows Phone App Porting: Bridging the PhoneGap

PhoneGap is used for building mobile applications across a range of devices with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. Learn how to use PhoneGap to build a Windows Phone application that can be easily ported to another phone.

C# Corner

Exceptional Async Handling with Visual Studio Async CTP 3

Handling exceptions in the Task-Based Asynchronous Pattern has become much easier with the latest version of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Code Focused

Database Synchronization with the Microsoft Sync Framework

Use the Microsoft Sync Framework to synchronize data changes between SQL Server 2008 Standard, SQL Server 2008 Express and SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5.


Online Explosion

We consider our online content every bit as important as the print magazine content.

Letters from Readers

Windows Phone Moves to the Front of the Store

During a trip to a local retailer, VSM Editor in Chief Keith Ward noticed dramatic improvements in Windows Phone merchandising and the salesperson's knowledge of the latest devices.

Papa's Perspective

JavaScript Libraries: Picking the Right One for You

As more JavaScript libraries spring up and battle to survive, developers stand to benefit from great solutions that fit a variety of needs.

Practical .NET

Powerful JavaScript With Upshot and Knockout

The Microsoft JavaScript Upshot library provides a simplified API for retrieving data from the server and caching it at the client for reuse. Coupled with Knockout, the two JavaScript libraries form the pillars of the Microsoft client-side programming model.

Redmond Review

Can Microsoft Really Compete with Apple on Tablets?

Once Windows 8 tablets are available, how will Microsoft overcome the ironically incumbent status of Apple's competing devices?

Product Reviews

Altova MissionKit Review: All the Data Modeling Tools You Need

The Altova MissionKit is a bundle of great tools that work together, but unlike a control suite, the cost savings may not add up for some shops.

.NET Insight

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