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Debugging software systems is a necessary step to creating stable, low-defect software. Comprehensive VB.NET Debugging provides a roadmap that helps you avoid common traps and achieve your software goals.

Today's tools allow us to develop increasingly complicated and distributed software. However, the penalties of these advances come in the relative difficulty in creating stable and low-defect software. You must be increasingly diligent to avoid the traps and dangers associated with designing and developing software. In his book, Comprehensive VB.NET Debugging, Mark Pearce provides a roadmap to help you avoid these traps and achieve your software quality goals.

Debugging software systems has many dimensions depending on the type and style of your applications, and Pearce does a great job of addressing each one. The first four chapters are mandatory reading, because they lay the foundation for all the other chapters. Other chapters focus on specific topics; you'll have no trouble bouncing between chapters that interest you. In fact, Pearce covers almost every conceivable debugging topic, from basic debugging techniques and tools, to specific debugging practices for different types of applications.

Pearce also provides great insight into SQL Server, interop, multithreading, and distributed apps—areas that traditionally have been extremely difficult areas to master. Pearce assumes you're an intermediate to senior VB developer who has some prior knowledge and understanding of VB.NET, the CLR, and the .NET Framework. If you meet these criteria and you're looking to fine-tune your debugging skills, you simply can't go wrong with this book.

Comprehensive VB.NET Debugging
by Mark Pearce
ISBN: 1590590503
Price: $54.99
Quick Facts: Provides complete coverage of VB.NET debugging techniques when writing Windows Forms, ASP.NET, or XML Web services apps.
Pros: Covers the complete spectrum of debugging in VB.NET, including techniques on debugging SQL Server, multithreaded, and distributed systems. Covers virtually all debugging scenarios and additional debugging tools. Provides excellent examples and explanations.
Cons: Not well suited to an introductory audience.

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