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Define Your Data Validation

Check out the latest VS.NET add-ins, including a product that lets you define your data validation only once.

Aurora Validation .NET
Aurora Validation .NET lets you define your data validation only once. The validation becomes central, manageable, and portable—available for reuse either for other product interfaces or provided to clients for safe interfacing. Aurora Validation .NET can also help you create the interface, because it contains all the relevant information. Aurora separates your application's validation routines, whether based on input controls or a data source. $450 Professional; $700 Enterprise.
Dawning Technology
Phone: 61-3-9775-3106

VBSALT accelerates speech application development on the Microsoft Speech Server platform. Incoming calls arrive from the public network and are answered by Speech Server, which communicates with the application server running VBSALT. As the caller progresses through the call flow created in VBSALT, the required SALT tags for call control and speech processing are generated dynamically and passed to Speech Server—a process that's transparent to the application developer. The graphical design environment features a drag-and-drop interface with fully programmable controls, and a comprehensive set of high-level telephony and speech-building blocks. You can use the full power of Visual Studio .NET for programming and debugging, and event-driven customization of call-flows is supported in any VS.NET language.
Phone: 877-766-3987; 613-271-8989

XtraReports Suite
XtraReports Suite, a reporting platform for Windows Forms and ASP.NET developers, was written in C# and offers full Visual Studio .NET integration. It gives you the ability to design reports the same way you build WinForms apps. It uses the same code editor (C#, VB.NET, or J#), Property Grid, component Toolbox, alignment toolbar, and all available Visual Studio IDE resources. XtraReports ships with an end-user designer that lets you save and restore your report to an XML file or stream; create your own end-user designer; preview your report using the built-in Preview and HTML views; change the text of a textbox, rich textbox, and table cell using in-place editing; and navigate through the controls in the report with a navigation window. $399.99 with source code; $299.99 without source code.
Developer Express
Phone: 702-262-0609


Antechinus C# Editor 6.0
Antechinus C# Editor 6.0 is a visual development tool that lets you design, edit, compile, and run Windows and Web programs. Version 6 of the C# Editor introduces the Visual Forms tool that lets you design Windows forms and dialogs visually by dragging and dropping buttons, textboxes, and other objects from the toolbar. You can move, size, and align the objects, and you can specify their properties with Visual Basic–style property sheets. You can create application skeleton files quickly by using templates with properties that you modify. You can design your own templates and use them for automated code-completion. You can comment your code and references with running annotations, which are links to Web pages, documents, and applications that you can invoke with a single click. $49.95.
C Point
Phone: +618-82633623

ASNA Visual RPG for .NET 7.1
ASNA Visual RPG for .NET (AVR) is a Windows-based RPG compiler that compiles to 100-percent .NET Microsoft Intermediate Language assemblies. AVR for .NET extends the life of your existing base of RPG source code and lets you call existing OS/400 program objects from Windows- or browser-based applications. You can use AVR for .NET to build industry-standard Web services quickly. AVR for .NET bridges your VB/C# and RPG programming teams. It supports XML, XSL, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. Contact vendor for pricing.
Phone: 800-289-2762; 210-408-0212

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2004 Volume 2
The latest release of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise includes XLS for .NET, which lets you read and write Excel files from their applications. You can load a workbook with a single command, manipulate sheets, and save the workbook to an XLS file. Studio Enterprise also features WebGrid for ASP.NET, which lets you create reusable layouts for your WebGrid, save/load it at design time or run time, and scroll the grid both horizontally and vertically. Studio Enterprise 2004 Volume 2 also features a new docking tab control. PDF for .NET now supports TIFF images; Preview for .NET features new export formats; and Spell for .NET has been improved when working with custom dictionaries. $899.95; upgrades $599.95.
Phone: 800-858-2739; 412-681-4343

Iron Speed Designer 1.6
Iron Speed Designer accelerates Web application development by helping you build .NET database, forms, and reporting applications. Iron Speed Designer helps you build your n-tier application in native .NET code by using information about your user interface preferences and your data model. You have unrestricted access to 100 percent of the code, and all your modifications are preserved. You can create online forms, data grids, page controls, and SQL, without coding. Version 1.6 features the Application Builder, Application Explorer, Menu Builder, page preview, large list selector, and more.
Iron Speed
Phone: 650-215-2200


Nav Tools 3.0
Nav Tools, engineered in both C# for VS.NET development and in Visual C++ for Visual Studio, comprises a set of navigation controls for designing Windows presentations. Version 3.0 combines its ActiveX and .NET versions with three new .NET WinForms navigation components. Nav Tools 3.0 features dbiTabs, for XP-style, multilevel tab and folder functionality; dbiButton, which lets you add sound and multiple mouse-over and state presentations to your buttons; and the scrollbar, dbiScroll. Nav Tools 3.0 includes 14 components—seven .NET and seven ActiveX components. $249; upgrade $149.40.
DBI Technologies
Phone: 800-670-8045; 204-985-5770

SocketTools Library Edition 4.0
SocketTools Library Edition is a collection of TCP/IP networking libraries for the Windows operating system with 100-percent compatibility with Visual Studio .NET. New features include lower resource utilization and no external dependencies; an expanded API with 18 libraries and more than 800 functions; a new library with an interface for the IMAP4 protocol; full compatibility with VS.NET, including VB.NET and C#; new high-level functions that reduce coding and increase functionality; support for both synchronous and asynchronous network connections; and improved support for multithreaded applications. Starts at $395.
Catalyst Development
Phone: 800-776-3818; 760-228-9653

SQL Bundle 3.15
SQL Bundle 3.15 includes SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare, and DTS Compare for a discount on the price of the individual products. It includes SQL Compare 3.15 for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database structures, SQL Data Compare 3.35 for comparing content and data, and DTS Compare 1.51 for comparing SQL Servers. SQL Compare 3.15 automatically scripts dependencies in the correct order, even if SQL metadata in the sysdepends table is broken. It doesn't rely on sysdepends information, so you can recover from common situations where dependencies are lost or corrupted. A new version of SQL Data Compare includes the ability to select individual records for synchronization when migrating to a new database. It also includes new options for disabling triggers, keys, and indexes while migrating data. Starts at $350.
Red Gate Software
Phone: 866-733-4283

Standards Master 2004
Standards Master 2004 checks your .NET code against flexible, configurable coding standards that you define, reporting any violations it finds. It supports many naming conventions and can correct the variable names automatically as you type. Version 2004 features improved suggestion logic. You can also define and enforce code construction standards, including checks for use of GoTos, required exception handling logic, and lines-per-file/class/function limits. Standards Master also includes a full-featured commenting tool, letting you insert header comments, revision histories, and inline comments. Standards Master prompts you for replaceable tags in your comments, and it also places your comments automatically in the right location within your code. Standards Master also features a code-formatting tool that lets you indent and unindent your code in a consistent fashion, based upon options you define. Starts at $199.
FlexiSoft Solutions
Phone: 901-861-3063

VBVoice 5.2
VBVoice 5.2 is a telephony and speech development environment. Version 5.2 lets you take advantage of Host Media Processing (HMP) technology to create hardware-less telephony solutions. You can use HMP to build scalable and full-featured software-only IP media servers for interactive voice response, voice mail, unified messaging, and conferencing. HMP requires only a standard computer without proprietary telephony hardware, reducing cost of ownership and allowing applications to be easier to deploy and maintain. Contact vendor for pricing.
Phone: 877-766-3987; 613-271-8989

VMware Workstation 4.5
VMware Workstation is virtual machine software that lets you develop and test complex networked server-class applications running on Microsoft Windows, Linux, or NetWare on a single desktop. It features virtual networking, live snapshots, drag and drop, and shared folders. New features in version 4.5 include increased memory capacity for virtual machines, experimental support for Windows "Longhorn," and support for PXE. $199 for packaged version; $189 for electronic download.
Phone: 877-486-9273; 650-475-5000

XtraNavBar Suite 2
XtraNavBar Suite helps you create easy and intuitive navigation options. It offers a myriad of interface options, from the look and feel of Microsoft Office to VS.NET to Windows XP. XtraNavBar features 13 unique painting styles. You can incorporate the traditional Side Bar paint style and the Windows XP Explorer-style navigation. XtraNavBar Suite also lets you incorporate the Microsoft Office 2003 navigation pane style, which lets you change the number of visible groups by dragging the group's border, access invisible groups, and allow end users to customize the control using the built-in menu. Available with full source code. $99.99.
Developer Express
Phone: 702-262-0609

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