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C-Sharpener for VB

Check out the latest add-ins for Visual Studio .NET, including a product that lets you convert VB.NET to C# and vice versa with 99-percent accuracy.

C-Sharpener for VB
C-Sharpener for VB lets you work in either the VB or C# programming environment and convert the code with a 99 percent success rate. A wizard guides you through the process. C-Sharpener for VB uses symbol table technology, which performs syntactic and semantic analysis, including a full symbol tree with referenced assemblies. The product converts lines of code with the Microsoft API for creating Visual Studio files, which protects the integrity of the project and ensures forward compatibility. C-Sharpener for VB also converts Windows applications, class libraries, Windows control libraries, ASP.NET Web apps, Web control libraries, console apps, and Windows services. $199.
Elegance Technologies

DevTest 1.0
DevTest is a comprehensive test-management solution that gives you a complete view of your product testing. It automates test coverage creation, test planning and scheduling, and the tracking of test execution. QA managers and engineers can create, manage, and document all test plans in a centralized repository. Users can then schedule and assign these tests to their team using a wizard-driven interface. DevTest tracks tests in built-in reports and in a planning dashboard that provides test leads and managers a dynamic view of the project status. DevTest provides process automation, workflow, detailed searching, and reporting for QA test management, all configured with a point-and-click administration tool. Contact vendor for pricing.
Phone: 800-439-7782; 925-871-3900

Ektron CMS400.NET
Ektron CMS400.NET is an XML content-management solution built on the Microsoft .NET Framework. It streamlines site management, automates internal processes, supports workgroup collaboration, and more. It features a browser-based, Word-like authoring environment; workflow and approval processes; content versioning; audit trails; content comparison; task management; HTML and XML forms support; and Web calendar control. CMS400.NET shares similar features and benefits with CMS300, Ektron's XML CMS for ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, and PHP sites. Ektron provides a smooth upgrade path for users who start with CMS300 and eventually adopt .NET. Starts at $7,200.
Phone: 866-435-8766; 603-594-0249

GPS ToolKit.NET 1.0
GPS ToolKit.NET 1.0 is a native .NET managed component that lets you add GPS support to any Visual Basic .NET, C#, or C++ project. It adds full support for reading real-time data from GPS units, and it provides access to dozens of data sets, including position, speed, course, satellite, and navigation data, in a number of formats and units. It also raises events each time a new fix is received, or each time navigation or satellite data is updated. GPS ToolKit.NET works with all types of GPS units, including RS232, USB, and Bluetooth units, and it can read an unlimited number of GPS units simultaneously. GPS ToolKit.NET is a native .NET managed component and comes with six example apps in Visual Basic .NET, C#, and C++. $179.
Scientific Component
Phone: 800-840-5991; 267-448-4929

Nevron Chart for .NET
Nevron Chart for .NET comprises the Nevron Chart for Windows Forms and Nevron Chart for Web Forms components. Use it to display 2-D and 3-D charts with built-in enterprise-level features such as financial functions, functions based on custom expressions, empty data points, database binding, and more. You can easily interchange the code between the two components because they share a common chart logic engine. It can display numerous charting types, including bar, line, area, pie, point, bubble, stock, floating bar, radar, polar, high-low, mesh surface, grid surface, and shape. It features a flexible integrated legend, built-in functions and formula support, Visual Studio design-time support, editors available at run time, Excel-like fill effect features, axis labeling abilities, and much more. Starts at $569.
Phone: 888-201-6088; 359-2-822-8556

Total .NET Developer Suite
Total .NET Developer Suite includes Total .NET Analyzer, Total .NET SourceBook, and Total .NET XRef. Total .NET Analyzer helps you avoid .NET traps and hidden bugs, improve performance, take advantage of best practices, and simplify code management. It scans your projects for hidden bugs, unused code, performance issues, and more. Total .NET SourceBook includes code, tips on how to write .NET code, and examples that cover all the important .NET classes. C# and Visual Basic .NET versions of each item are provided along with helpful notes. Total .NET SourceBook is the only code library for .NET that provides both a full-featured, standalone Code Explorer and an integrated VS.NET add-in. With Total .NET XRef, you can click on any object in your source code and it will instantly find all the places where that object is used. $999.
Phone: 866-367-7801; 703-356-4700


AspPDF 1.4
AspPDF gives your apps the ability to create, read, and modify PDF documents from any application that supports COM, including ASP and ASP.NET. You can save the PDFs to disk, memory, or an HTTP stream. Version 1.4 features enhanced document-stitching functionality, which lets you merge multiple interactive forms. The PdfAnnot.SetFieldValue method has been enhanced to handle non-ASCII characters, and support for outlines has been extended to existing documents. Contact vendor for pricing.
Persits Software
Phone: 800-268-0689; 212-785-1611

CodeMax 3.0
CodeMax is a color syntax-highlighting code editor control for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, and .NET Server. Language-specific keywords, comments, and strings are colored differently to set them apart from plain text, and it features fully customizable keyboard mappings. Users can record up to 10 macros and create up to four separate views of the same edit buffer. All edit actions are fully undoable and redoable. You can define a list of custom images and display one or more of them to the left of any line. You can cache application-specific data in any line in the buffer, and you can perform regular expression searching and replacing using Perl-like regular expressions. Version 3.0 features the ability to customize keyword lists and scopes, nest comments inside comments, define tokens by regular expressions, define a language with an XML definition, parse code independently, and more. $199.
WinMain Software

ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 7.5 Professional
ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 7.5 Professional helps you create and implement printed documentation, plus help files for Windows and Web-based applications, from a single-source document. Version 7.5 contains faster build times for all HTML-based targets, improved JavaHelp support, character and paragraph styles, and new features for the Documenter for .NET feature. Documenter for .NET creates MSDN-style documentation from compiled assemblies and XML comment files, providing complete and well-formatted documents for class libraries. New features in Documenter for .NET include the ability to define elements that are included in the documentation, including classes and methods; the ability to generate documentation in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian, as well as any other language with custom localization; optimized generation speed; and the ability to customize output by changing and adding text, formatting, graphics, and more. $999.95.
Phone: 800-858-2739; 412-681-4343

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2004 Volume 4
ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2004 is an integrated framework that delivers more than 110 grid, reporting, charting, data, user-interface, and e-commerce components. Volume 4 includes three new components, and new features and enhancements for .NET and ASP.NET. C1WebTopicBar is a new component that provides expandable/collapsible Windows XP-style and Outlook-style navigation panels. Flash for .NET lets you create slide shows in Flash format and control how a Flash movie is displayed on a Web page. With Reports for .NET, you can utilize enhanced HTML, RTF, PDF, and XLS output filters. Menus and Toolbars for .NET features new properties added to C1DockingTab and C1OutBar. Chart for .NET offers new support for axis scrollbars and double buffering. $899.95.
Phone: 800-858-2739; 412-681-4343

DataDirect Connect for ODBC 5.0
DataDirect Connect for ODBC is a suite of ODBC drivers for all major databases, including Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, and Informix. Its "wire protocol" design eliminates the need for database client software and libraries. Release 5.0 adds support for Oracle 10g, and it includes connection failover and client-side load balancing, which minimize idle time when databases are unavailable by distributing processes and data requests more evenly throughout the network. Version 5.0 also features connection failover, client-side load balancing, message file enhancements on Unix, the removal of BAS\UTL\FLT shared components, and DSN-less connections on Unix. Contact vendor for pricing.
DataDirect Technologies
Phone: 800-876-3101; 301-468-8501

DynamiCube 3.0
DynamiCube is a lightweight ActiveX control that provides flexible analytical interaction with large databases and gives you the advantage of a multidimensional database without creating one. You can add data mining to Web sites easily. With virtually no coding, you can provide users with the SQL query path to any ODBC, ADO, DAO, RDO, BDE, or OLAP data source. Users can perform interactive analysis locally, including data filtering, drill-down, roll-up, data marking, dimensional pivoting, calculations, ranking, print/preview, and graphing. DynamiCube 3.0 features native Excel and HTML exporting, built-in OLAP support with an MDX query wizard, enhanced reporting features, a primary interop assembly to allow integration with .NET, updated samples and documentation, and more. $599.
Data Dynamics
Phone: 614-895-3142

NetAdvantage 2004 Volume 3
NetAdvantage 2004 Volume 3 has added the look and feel of·Office 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 to the ExplorerBar, TabbedMdiManager, and DockManager. It features WinSchedule databinding support for appointments, notes, and calendar owners, as well as alternate selection for calendar days. With client-side XSLT rendering for WebGrid, you can load a million rows into WebGrid in the amount of time it takes to load 100 rows, and you don't have to do a postback or custom paging to retrieve additional records. You can also use XSLT, LoadOnDemand, and asynchronous out-of-band callbacks in Internet Explorer. Starts at $495.
Phone: 800-231-8588; 609-448-2000

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