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Framework and Development

This Special Report is a compilation of old and new editorial content about Windows Vista to prepare you for its upcoming release.

Framework and Development

November 13, 2006

Developers will have a field day with Windows Vista's new features, including the .NET Framework 3.0 that incorporates the Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, and Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF). Plus, you'll have extensions to Visual Studio that provide programmatic access to these features and more. It won't be too long before users and enterprises start demanding applications that use Web services, workflows, and snazzy user interfaces.

Service Orchestration and WWF
Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation lets you orchestrate a workflow without the complexity of a full enterprise service bus (ESB).

Mastering Transactions in WWF
Learn how Windows Workflow Foundation program instances are executed in a durable and transactional manner, how to keep the state of the program consistent with the state of the external world, and more.

Realize New Functionality in .NET 3.0
The .NET Framework 3.0 represents a major set of functionality, yet doesn't change any existing .NET Framework 2.0 libraries, compilers, or features.

Inside WinFX
Get a preview of the next generation of the .NET Framework.

Windows Workflow Foundation and Business Process Modeling
Peter Varhol came away from Tech•Ed 2006 impressed with the power and simplicity of Windows Workflow Foundation.

WSIT Components Are Made Available
Sun and Microsoft showcase Web Services Interoperability Technology as the next step in simplifying development for cross-platform environments.

Putting Productivity Back in VB
Visual Basic 2005 has its "mojo" back.

Streamline Mapping with Orcas and LINQ
Discover a pair of LINQ Technology Preview add-ins that integrate with .NET 2.0 and VS 2005 to take a look into the future of VS and data.

Longhorn: What Should You Do Differently?
Understand where you should focus your attention in preparing for Longhorn.

Get a Grip on Longhorn
Take a running start at developing applications for the next Windows OS.

Automate More and Manage Better with Longhorn and Yukon
Microsoft has provided a sneak peek at its Windows Longhorn edition, and it is stoking expectations for SQL Server's Yukon edition.

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Written/compiled by the editors of Visual Studio Magazine.

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