Simplify Your Code with Reflection: Listing 2: VB.NET, Implement a DirtyControls Class

The DirtyControls class represents a single node in the XML file. This class is responsible for loading the XML file and creating a separate DirtyControl class for each node in the XML file. This class also includes a method to locate a specific instance of the DirtyControl class by its "Type."

Public Class DirtyControls
   Inherits System.Collections.Generic.List(Of DirtyControl)

   Private mstrType As String = String.Empty

   Public Sub LoadControls(ByVal FileName As String)
      Dim ds As New DataSet
      Dim dc As DirtyControl

      For Each dr As DataRow In ds.Tables(0).Rows
         dc = New DirtyControl

         dc.Type = dr("Type").ToString()
         dc.Property1 = dr("Property1").ToString()
         dc.Property2 = dr("Property2").ToString()
         dc.IsMultiList = ToBoolean(dr( _
         dc.PropertyToCheck = _
         dc.PropertyToCheckValue = _

   End Sub

   ' Other methods go here

End Class
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