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Dundas Chart for .NET, FarPoint Spread for BizTalk, and NetAdvantage for .NET and WPF

This month's new products.

Dundas Chart for .NET v6.1
Dundas Data Visualization Inc. is now shipping Dundas Chart for .NET v6.1, an expansion of the company's flagship .NET charting technology.

New features in v6.1 include full optimization for Visual Studio 2008 (while continuing to support Visual Studio 2005 and 2003), additional Rose Chart styles, vertical column labels, efficient server scroll events (for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML [AJAX]), and more. Also included is an updated version of Dundas Chart Builder, a robust editing tool for Dundas Chart.

Dundas Chart for .NET is available in ASP.NET and Windows Forms editions and can be purchased from the Dundas Web site. A full-featured evaluation copy is also available from the site.

Dundas Chart for .NET v6.1
Dundas Data Visualization Inc.
Price: $699 for the Professional Edition, $1,999 for the Windows Forms Enterprise Edition, $2,999 for the ASP.NET Enterprise Edition
Phone: 800-463-1492 or 416-467-5100

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FarPoint Spread for BizTalk
FarPoint Technologies Inc. has announced the availability of the latest version of FarPoint Spread for BizTalk pipeline component. This version includes a spreadsheet Assembler and Disassembler to automate Microsoft Excel integration in Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006. Spread provides an automated solution to integrating Excel data. The pipeline Disassembler parses incoming Excel data into XML streams. The pipeline Assembler constructs outgoing XML data into Excel or PDF documents with the formatting you define. The supported Excel document formats are XLS (Excel 97-2003) and Excel 2007 XML.

Spread is implemented to support Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006, and Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2, and the design-time elements are integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

Spread includes the Visual Studio-integrated Spreadsheet Schema Wizard and the Spreadsheet Format Designer to simplify the creation of XML schemas and format templates. The wizard is also used in the Assembler design-time to define how the data is to be assembled into outgoing documents.

FarPoint Spread for BizTalk
FarPoint Technologies Inc.
Price: Contact vendor for pricing
Phone: 800-645-5913 or 919-460-4551

NetAdvantage for .NET 2008 vol. 1 and NetAdvantage for WPF 2007 vol. 2
Infragistics has announced that NetAdvantage for .NET 2008 volume 1 and NetAdvantage for WPF 2007 volume 2 are compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. NetAdvantage now includes support for Language Integrated Query (LINQ) and improved Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) design tools in Infragistics' ASP.NET product to enable collaboration between developers and designers inside the design surface.

Some of the key features in Visual Studio 2008 that NetAdvantage takes advantage of are: .NET Framework multi-targeting development; integration of ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Extensions into .NET Framework 3.5 without the need for extensions or additional application configuration; a LinqDataSource control in ASP.NET 3.5 making it easier for developers to introduce LINQ capabilities into their applications; Visual Studio Design Time Support provides drag-and-drop functionality, resizing logic, and other enhancements to the Visual Studio 2008 design surface; and full IntelliSense support inside of both the code-behind and the XAML files to help developers quickly code against the object model using NetAdvantage for WPF.

NetAdvantage for .NET 2008 vol. 1 and NetAdvantage for WPF 2007 vol. 2
Price: NetAdvantage for .NET 2008 vol. 1 – pricing starts at $1,490, NetAdvantage for WPF 2007 vol. 2 – pricing starts at $795
Phone: 800-231-8588 or 609-448-2000; in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa (EMEA) +44 (0) 20 8387 1474; in Japan +81-3-5474-8040

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