Targeting Azure Storage: Listing 2: Create BlobStorage Account and Blob and Log Container Objects

The following code in the WebRole Default.aspx file's Page_Load event handler obtains the storage account details from the ServiceConfiguraiton.cscfg file (see Listing 1). It creates a BlobStorage account object and a Container named oakleaf2store with public access. It then creates a LogContainer named oakleaf2log with public access--if it doesn't already exist.

// Get the storage account details from the
//   ServiceConfiguration.cscfg file
StorageAccountInfo accountInfo = 

// Create the BlobStorage 
BlobStorage blobStorage = 

// If blob Container doesn't exist, create it
//   Container names have DNS character restrictions
blobContainer = 
// Enable public access to container content
if (!blobContainer.DoesContainerExist())

// Enable public log access
logContainer = 
if (logContainer.DoesContainerExist())
    doWriteLogs = true;
    ContainerAccessControl logACL =
    if (logACL == ContainerAccessControl.Private)
        logACL = ContainerAccessControl.Public;
// Load the GridView with blob metadata
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