How to Validate Forms with ASP.NET MVC 2 Data Annotations: Listing 2.

Customer Fields Modified with the Standard Data Annotation Validators

Imports System.ComponentModel
Imports System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations

Partial Public Class Customer
End Class

Public Class CustomerMetaData
    <Required(ErrorMessage:="Name is Required")>
    <RegularExpression("^[A-Za-z\-\.\' ]+$",
          "Only letters, hyphen, apostrophe and period are allowed")>
    Public Property Name As Object
    <StringLength(50, ErrorMessage:=
      "Email Must Be No Longer than 50 Characters")>
    Public Property Email As Object
    <Range(100, 1000)>
    Public Property CreditLimit As Object

        <DisplayName("Anniversary Date")>
        <Range(GetType(DateTime), "01/01/2000", "12/31/2010")>
        Public Property AnniversaryDate As Object

End Class
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