Lambda Properties: Listing 1

Calculating a discount rate.

public class Foo
  public Func<Customer, decimal> GetDiscountRate { get; set; }
  public Foo()
    this.GetDiscountRate = DefaultDiscountRate;
  private decimal DefaultDiscountRate(Customer customer)
    switch (customer.CustomerType)

      case CustomerType.Probation:
        return 0.02m;
      case CustomerType.Normal:
        return 0.045m;
      case CustomerType.Preferred:
        return 0.07m;
        new ArgumentException("Unsupported CustomerType");

About the Author

Patrick Steele is a senior .NET developer with Billhighway in Troy, Mich. A recognized expert on the Microsoft .NET Framework, he’s a former Microsoft MVP award winner and a presenter at conferences and user group meetings.

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