Scale ASP.NET Apps Through Distributed Caching: Listing 1.

Distributed cache in a .NET application for application data.

using DistCacheVendor.Web.Caching;


// Check the Cache before going to the database.
void Load(Customer cust)
  // Create a key to lookup in the cache.
  // The key will be like "Customer:PK:1000"
  string key = "Customer:CustomerId:" + cust.CustomerId.ToString();

  Customer customer = (Customer)Cache[key];
  if (customer == null)
    // Item not found in the cache. Therefore, load from database.

    // Now, let's add this object to the cache for future reference.
    Cache.Insert(key, customer, null, 
                   CacheItemPriority.Default, null );


About the Author

Iqbal Khan is president, CEO and technology evangelist for Alachisoft in San Ramon, Calif., and a frequent contributor to TechNet Magazine.

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