LINQ to SQL on Windows Phone 7.5: Listing 2.

The Review table.

public class Review : INotifyPropertyChanging {
  private string comment;
  private int movieId;
  private EntityRef<Movie> movie;

  [Column(IsPrimaryKey = true,
    IsDbGenerated = true,
    DbType = "INT NOT NULL Identity",
    CanBeNull = false,
    AutoSync = AutoSync.OnInsert)]
  public int ReviewId { get; set; }

  public string Comment {
    get { return comment; }
    set {
      if (comment == value) return;
      comment = value;

  public int MovieId {
    get { return movieId; }
    set {
      if (movieId == value) return;
      movieId = value;

  [Association(Storage = "movie", ThisKey = "MovieId", OtherKey = 
    "MovieId", IsForeignKey = true)]
  public Movie Movie {
    get { return movie.Entity; }
    set {
      Movie previousValue =;
      if (((previousValue != value)
          || (movie.HasLoadedOrAssignedValue == false))) {
          if ((previousValue != null)) {
            movie.Entity = null;
          movie.Entity = value;
          if ((value != null)) {
            movieId = value.MovieId;
          else {
            movieId = default(int);

  public event PropertyChangingEventHandler PropertyChanging;
  private void NotifyPropertyChanging(string propertyName) {
    if (PropertyChanging != null) {
      PropertyChanging(this, new PropertyChangingEventArgs(propertyName));

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