WPF and Inversion of Control: Listing 6.

Passing a WPF window reference to the ViewModel.

private void AssignParentView(FrameworkElement frameworkElement, object dataContext)
  var view = frameworkElement as IView;
  if (view == null)

  var viewProp = dataContext.GetType()
  .GetProperties(BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Instance)
  .Where(p => p.CanWrite && typeof (IView).IsAssignableFrom(p.PropertyType))

  if (viewProp != null)
    viewProp.SetValue(dataContext, frameworkElement, null);

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Patrick Steele is a senior .NET developer with Billhighway in Troy, Mich. A recognized expert on the Microsoft .NET Framework, he’s a former Microsoft MVP award winner and a presenter at conferences and user group meetings.

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