Caching in on HTML5 Local Storage: Listing 2.

window.localStorage operation with strings.

test("HTML5 implicitly converts types like Date to string", function () {
  var dateTimeStamp = new Date();
  window.localStorage.dateTimeStamp = dateTimeStamp;
  var actual = window.localStorage.dateTimeStamp;
  notEqual(typeof (actual), typeof (dateTimeStamp), 
    "The values were unexpectedly the same");
test("HTML5 storage only works with strings not Arrays", function () {
  var patents = [
    { name: "Electrical Telegraph", year: 1837 },
    { name: "Backless Brassiere", year: 1914 }
  window.localStorage.patents = patents;
  var actual = window.localStorage.patents;
  equal(patents.constructor, (new Array).constructor, 
    "The values were unexpectedly different");
  equal(actual.constructor, (new String).constructor, 
    "The values were unexpectedly different");
  notEqual(patents.constructor, actual.constructor,
    "The values were unexpectedly the same");

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