Free Databases in the Window Azure Marketplace: Listing 1.

Accessing the Microsoft Translator Data Feed via fixed query.

'Imports System.Data.Services.Client
'Custom class to obtain the needed Windows Azure Marketplace CustomerID and AccessKey
Dim Credentials = New AzureMarketplaceCredentials

'Credentials required to access any Windows Azure Marketplace data feed, even free ones
If (Credentials.CustomerID.Length > 0 AndAlso Credentials.AccessKey.Length > 0) Then

  'The Service Uri is provided by each data feed under the Detail tab at the bottom of the page
  Dim ServiceUri = New Uri(My.Settings.ServiceURI_BingTranslator)

  'The TranslatorContainer was converted from the provided C# class on the data feed page
  Dim BingService = New AzureMarketplaceVB.BingTranslator.TranslatorContainer(ServiceUri)
  BingService.Credentials = New System.Net.NetworkCredential(Credentials.CustomerID, Credentials.AccessKey)

  'Translate to Spanish from English. 
  'Language codes can be found at:"/?linkid=9783676
  Dim Translation = _
BingService.Translate("Good Morning. Today will be a beautiful day", "es", "en")

  'Convert result from a DataServiceQuery to a more usable List() object
  Dim Result = Translation.ToList()
  'The translated text will be a single string in Result(0) 
  End If

. . . . . .

Public Function Translate(ByVal [Text] As String, ByVal [To] As String, ByVal From As String) _
As DataServiceQuery(Of Translation)
  Dim query As DataServiceQuery(Of Translation) = _
MyBase.CreateQuery(Of Translation)("Translate")
  query = query.AddQueryOption("Text", ("’" & Uri.EscapeDataString([Text]) & "’"))
  query = query.AddQueryOption("To", ("’" & Uri.EscapeDataString([To]) & "’"))
  query = query.AddQueryOption("From", ("’" & Uri.EscapeDataString(From) & "’"))
  Return query
End Function

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