Roslyn CTP: C# Scripting API: Listing 1

A C# ScriptHost class

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using Roslyn.Scripting;
using Roslyn.Scripting.CSharp;
using System.Reflection;
namespace VSMRoslynCTP.Scripting
    public class ScriptHost
        ScriptEngine _scriptEngine;
        Session _session;
        public ScriptHost()
            List<Assembly> references = new List<Assembly>() {   typeof(Console).Assembly,  
                                    typeof(List<>).Assembly };
            List<string> namespaces = new List<string>() { "System", "System.Collections", "System.Collections.Generic" };
            _scriptEngine = new ScriptEngine(references, namespaces);
            _session = Session.Create(this);
        public object Execute(string code)
           return  _scriptEngine.Execute(code,_session);
        public T Execute<T>(string code)
            return _scriptEngine.Execute<T>(code,_session);
        public void ExecuteFile(string path)

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