Static Method Code Action: Listing 2

Full GetEdit Method Implementation

Listing 2: StaticMethodCodeAction GetEdit Function
 public ICodeActionEdit GetEdit(System.Threading.CancellationToken cancellationT
    var syntaxTree = (SyntaxTree)_document.GetSyntaxTree(cancellationToken);

    var firstToken = _methodDeclaration.GetFirstToken();
    var firstTokenTrivia = firstToken.LeadingTrivia;

    var formattedMethodDeclaration = _methodDeclaration.ReplaceToken(
        firstToken, firstToken.WithLeadingTrivia(Syntax.TriviaList()));

    var staticToken = Syntax.Token(firstTokenTrivia, SyntaxKind.StaticKeyword);

    var newModifiers = Syntax.TokenList(
        new[] { staticToken }.Concat(formattedMethodDeclaration.Modifiers));

    var newMethodDeclaration = formattedMethodDeclaration.Update(
    var formattedLocalDeclaration = CodeActionAnnotations.FormattingAnnotation

    var tree = (SyntaxTree)_document.GetSyntaxTree();
    var newRoot = tree.Root.ReplaceNode(_methodDeclaration,

    return _editFactory.CreateTreeTransformEdit(_document.Project.Solution,
        syntaxTree, newRoot, cancellationToken: cancellationToken);

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