Roaming Options for User Settings: Listing 1

Adding a Session Property to the Settings Class.

private static LiveConnectSession session;
private const string CloudSettingsFile = "SettingsSample.Settings.txt";
private const string LocalSettingsFile = "__ApplicationSettings";

public static event EventHandler SettingsSavedToCloud;
public static event EventHandler SettingsRetrievedFromCloud;

public static LiveConnectSession Session
    get { return session; }
        session = value;
        if (session != null)
            LiveClient = new LiveConnectClient(session);
            LiveClient.GetCompleted += RetrieveFolderListing;
            LiveClient.DownloadCompleted += FileDownloadCompleted;
            LiveClient.UploadCompleted += UploadCompleted;

private static LiveConnectClient LiveClient { get; set; }

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