AOP with PostSharp: Listing 2.

Handling selected exceptions in the aspect

Aspect-Oriented Programming
' <ExceptionWrapper() >
' <ExceptionWrapper(HandleExceptionSingleType:=GetType(OverflowException)) >
' <ExceptionWrapper(HandleExceptionSingleType:=GetType(DivideByZeroException)) >
' <ExceptionWrapper(HandleExceptionTypeArray:={GetType(OverflowException), _ 
  GetType(DivideByZeroException)}) >

Public Property HandleExceptionTypeArray As Type()
Public Property HandleExceptionSingleType As Type

Public Overrides Function GetExceptionType( _
  targetMethod As System.Reflection.MethodBase) As System.Type
  Dim result As Type = Nothing
  Dim MethodExceptionType = MyBase.GetExceptionType(targetMethod)
  'If no explict exception types specified, handle any type of exception
  If IsNothing(HandleExceptionSingleType) AndAlso IsNothing( _
    HandleExceptionTypeArray) Then
    result = MethodExceptionType
    'If there is a named single exception type and it is a match, handle it
    If IsNothing(HandleExceptionSingleType) = False AndAlso _
      HandleExceptionSingleType = MethodExceptionType Then
      result = MethodExceptionType
    End If

    'If there is an array of exception types, and not already a match,
    'handle the exception if any in the array are a match
    If IsNothing(HandleExceptionTypeArray) = False AndAlso IsNothing(result) = True Then
      For Each testType In HandleExceptionTypeArray
        If testType = MethodExceptionType Then
          result = MethodExceptionType
        End If
    End If
  End If

  'Will be nothing only if types specified and no match
  Return result
End Function

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