AOP with PostSharp: Listing 3.

A practical business scenario for advanced role-based security.

Public Class UserSecurity
  Public Shared Users As List(Of UserSecurityInfo)
  Public Shared Sub PopulateUserSecurity()
    Users = New List(Of UserSecurityInfo)
    Users.Add(New UserSecurityInfo With {.UserName = "Tom.Talker", _
      .BusinessUnit = "Sales"})
    Users.Add(New UserSecurityInfo With {.UserName = "Allan.Accountant", _ 
      .BusinessUnit = "Accounting"})
  End Sub
End Class

Public Class UserSecurityInfo
  Public Property UserName As String
  Public Property BusinessUnit As String
End Class

Public Class BusinessLayer
   <AOPSecurity.ValidateBusinessUnit() >
  Public Shared Sub CreateRequisiton(BusinessUnit As String)
    'This method executes only if the current user has the specified business unit
  End Sub
End Class

 <Serializable() >
Public Class AOPSecurity

   <Serializable() >
  Public Class ValidateBusinessUnitAttribute
    Inherits PostSharp.Aspects.OnMethodBoundaryAspect
    Public Overrides Sub OnEntry(args As PostSharp.Aspects.MethodExecutionArgs)
      'Get current running user
      If My.User.IsAuthenticated = False Then
        Throw New Security.SecurityException("Unauthenticated User")
        Dim UserName = My.User.CurrentPrincipal.Identity.Name
        Dim UserSecuritySettings = _
          UserSecurity.Users.FirstOrDefault(Function(x) x.UserName = UserName)
        If IsNothing(UserSecuritySettings) = False Then
          'Validate the user's business unit to the one passed in the method
          If args.Method.IsConstructor = False Then
            Dim thisMethod As System.Reflection.MethodInfo = CType(args.Method, _
            Dim BUparam = 
              thisMethod.GetParameters().First(Function(x) x.Name = "BusinessUnit")
            If IsNothing(BUparam) = False Then
              Dim BUparameter As String = args.Arguments.GetArgument(BUparam.Position)
              If BUparameter  < > UserSecuritySettings.BusinessUnit Then
                Dim ErrorMsg = 
                  "User: {0} is not authorized to requisition for business unit: {1}"
                Throw New Security.SecurityException( _
                  String.Format(ErrorMsg, UserName, BUparameter))
              End If
            End If
          End If
          Throw New Security.SecurityException( _
            String.Format("User {0} Not Found in Users Security Table", UserName))
        End If
      End If
    End Sub

    Public Overrides Sub RuntimeInitialize(method As System.Reflection.MethodBase)
      If IsNothing(UserSecurity.Users) Then
      End If
    End Sub
  End Class
End Class

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