Semantic Zoom with Silverlight 5 Pivotviewer: Listing 4

Initial PivotViewer item template.

 <pivot:PivotViewer x:Name="pViewer" >
   <pivot:PivotViewer.ItemTemplates >
     <pivot:PivotViewerItemTemplate >
       <Border Width="300" Height="300" 
        Background="{Binding StaffName, 
        Converter={StaticResource staffConv}}" >
         <TextBlock Text="{Binding SizeOfParty}" 
          VerticalAlignment="Center" / >
         </Border >
       </pivot:PivotViewerItemTemplate >
   </pivot:PivotViewer.ItemTemplates >
   <pivot:PivotViewer.PivotProperties >
... removed for brevity
   </pivot:PivotViewer.PivotProperties >
 </pivot:PivotViewer >

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