Getting Started with Windows Azure Mobile Services: Listing 2

Reading the articles from the mobile service.

public async Task<IEnumerable<Article>> Read()
        var readUrl = ApplicationUrl + "tables/" + TableName;
        var readRequest = WebRequest.Create(readUrl);
        readRequest.Method = "GET";
        var serializer =
            JsonSerializer.Create(new JsonSerializerSettings { NullValueHandling = NullValueHandling.Ignore });
        var task = Task.Factory.FromAsync<WebResponse>(readRequest.BeginGetResponse, readRequest.EndGetResponse, null);
        using (var resp = await task)
        using (var stream = resp.GetResponseStream())
        using (var treader = new StreamReader(stream))
        using (var reader = new JsonTextReader(treader))
            return serializer.Deserialize<Article[]>(reader);
    catch (Exception ex)
        return null;


About the Author

Nick Randolph runs Built to Roam, a consulting company that specializes in training, mentoring and assisting other companies build mobile applications. With a heritage in rich client applications for both the desktop and a variety of mobile platforms, Nick currently presents, writes and educates on the Windows Phone platform.

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