Load Testing with Custom Performance Counters: Listing 1.

The DocumentManager class.

public class DocumentManager
  private OperationPerformanceCounterManager m_PerfMonCountersForCreateDocument;

  public DocumentManager()
    string categoryName = "My Application Name";

    // Initialize an OperationPerformanceCounterManager;
    // the Create Document operation
    m_PerfMonCountersForCreateDocument =
      new OperationPerformanceCounterManager(
        categoryName, "Create Document"); 

  public int CreateDocument(string name)
    // Get the start time
    var startTicks = DateTime.Now.Ticks;

      // Perform the operation
      var documentId = DoCreateDocument(name);

      return documentId;
      // After the operation completes, record how long it took 
        DateTime.Now.Ticks - startTicks);

  private int DoCreateDocument(string name)
    // Do some work            

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