Azure Mobile Services, Part 2: Listing 3

Live Connect/Azure Mobile Service Login Method

private async Task Login()
    while (_liveConnectSession == null)
        LiveLoginResult liveLoginResult = await _liveAuthClient.LoginAsync(new[] { "wl.basic" });
        if (liveLoginResult.Status == LiveConnectSessionStatus.Connected)
            _liveConnectSession = liveLoginResult.Session;
            LiveConnectClient liveConnectClient = new LiveConnectClient(liveLoginResult.Session);
            LiveOperationResult liveOpResult = await liveConnectClient.GetAsync("me");
            MobileServiceUser mobileServiceLoginResult = await 
            _user = new LiveConnectUser(mobileServiceLoginResult.UserId, 
liveOpResult.Result["first_name"].ToString(), liveOpResult.Result["last_name"].ToString());
            MobileUser.DataContext = _user;
            SignOut.IsEnabled = _liveAuthClient.CanLogout;
            Contact.Visibility = Windows.UI.Xaml.Visibility.Visible;
            _liveConnectSession = null;
            var loginErrorDialog = new MessageDialog("Please log in.", "Login");
            loginErrorDialog.Commands.Add(new UICommand("OK"));
            await loginErrorDialog.ShowAsync();

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