Visual Studio Online's Worst-Ever Week Continues

This time, it's an issue with new Git projects.

It hasn't been a good week for Visual Studio Online. Problems have plagued the cloud-enabled version of Visual Studio since Monday, including a major service outage on Thursday. Those problems appear to have been resolved, but early Friday another issue cropped up, this one with the Git code repository.

A posting from the Visual Studio Online Service Blog from just before 2 a.m. Friday announced problems "with newly created Git projects on Visual Studio Online." They may result in account access delays and "500 Internal Server Error" failures.

An update to the initial report said that "initial investigation indicated a delay processing updates to newly created projects due to caching invalidation in our App tiers." As of publication of this article, a fix had not been made available.

Friday's issue follows Thursday's service disruption, which appeared to last about five hours, according to the timestamps on the blog entries. There were five updates throughout the day, culminating in the final entry that states "We are no longer seeing performance issues in our databases and the service performance has started to come back to normal."

That final update said the problem was caused by "contention in our core database." That sounds similar to the cause of an outage on July 18, which Microsoft chalked up to a slow SQL Azure Database. No details were given about whether or not it was the same database, or same exact problem.

Since Monday, users have also been affected by glitches with Application Insights and account activities. A post from Aug. 11 said that maintenance was going to be performed on VSO starting then, and continuing through today.

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