New Windows CLI for Docker

Developers no longer need to take a side road through Linux hosts to manage Docker container deployments, now that a Windows CLI can offer a direct path from Windows environments.

The joint development effort that Microsoft and Docker announced last month is starting to bear fruit on the developer end. New yesterday is the introduction of a Windows Command Line Interface that allows control and management of Docker hosts from a Windows client. The announcement comes from a blog post on Tuesday from Microsoft Azure Compute Runtime Senior Manager Khalid Mouss.

"Up till today you could only use Linux based client CLI to manage your Docker container deployments or use boot2docker to set up a virtualized development environment in a Windows client machine," blogged Mouss. With the availability of the Windows CLI, those extra steps are no longer needed.

For developers using ASP.NET services to run inside Docker containers, Mouss blogs that they've made a Docker image for ASP.NET available on the Docker Hub here. (As a side note, Microsoft Open Technology has posted a simple tutorial for creating a Docker container for hosting ASP.NET vNext-based apps. It's similar, but the Windows CLI should refine the containerization process.)

To find out more about the Windows CLI, go here.

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