IncrediBuild Tool Updated for Visual Studio 2015 Preview

Xoreax Ltd. today announced its IncrediBuild tool designed to speed up cross-platform development builds in Visual Studio has been updated to support the latest version, the Visual Studio 2015 Preview.

The Tel Aviv-based company uses process virtualization technology in its distributed computing software to take advantage of idle CPU cycles and speed up development builds by concurrently spreading the work across the network. Depending upon project complexity and available computing power, such builds can eat up much of a developer's time and lengthen development cycles.

IncrediBuild 6.0 "allows builds to execute in parallel over the entire network and in the cloud, substantially increasing performance, speeding build time and improving developer productivity," the company said in a statement. "IncrediBuild ensures Android compilations are much faster by offering parallel compilation at the project level. For example, a standard build takes more than three minutes on an eight-core machine with 100 two-second Android compilation tasks. With IncrediBuild, the same task takes 12 seconds."

The new version also adds support for shared projects, letting developers simultaneously share code, controls, styles, strings and other resources between two separate Windows and Windows Phone projects in Visual Studio. "Supporting cross-platform development, IncrediBuild offers additional productivity features such as build visualization, easy error detection, the ability to inspect build output per project, build management and replays," the company said.

IncrediBuild also comes in "Make and Build Tools" (Make, Gmake, VSimake, Jam, nAnt and more) and "Development Tools" (BoundsChecker, Goanna, MicroFocus, PC-lint and more) versions. The company offers a 30-day trial of its software and a "freemium" FreeDev version with full functionality for 30 days.

In November, the company launched an IncrediBuild version for Microsoft Azure.

"At Microsoft, we recognize developers are working under tremendous pressure to release great products across multiple platforms," the company quoted Microsoft exec Tom Lindeman as saying. "IncrediBuild's technology further enhances the cross-platform offerings built into Visual Studio, helping developers quickly deliver high-quality applications to several of the most popular platforms."

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