Sencha Ext JS Offers .NET Devs Short Cuts for Web Apps

Preview of new plugin from the developers of the Sencha Web Application Lifecyle Management Platform allows .NET developers to write JavaScript code as if it were native to Visual Studio.

Sencha has released a preview of its Ext JS framework, which works as a Visual Studio plugin, that the company describes as a tool "that simplifies and accelerates the design and development of feature-rich HTML5 applications using JavaScript." Sencha is demonstrating the plugin at the Visual Studio Live! conference in Orlando, Florida this week. (Editorial note: Visual Studio Live! is an 1105 Media event.)

Sencha Ext JS works in combination with the Sencha Web Application Lifecycle Management platform, which is used to develop business apps that can be run across a number of browsers and devices. The demonstration at the conference this week is highlighting support with Microsoft's newest Edge browser.

The plugin allows ASP.NET developers to create Web app projects for Sencha frameworks via templates and with native code completion through the VS IDE. It's primarily used to boost productivity, in that it can be used to create templates from code snippets to automate the writing of classes, views, models, controllers, and stores.

Sencha is providing Sencha Ext JS via an Early Access program, which requires developers to register for in order to download the preview. Go here for registration details. On general availability, Sencha will integrate it into Ext JS Pro and Premier editions.

On a related note, Sencha announced that it is now a Premier Level Partner in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Program.

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