Visual Studio 2015 Update 1, TFS 2015 Update 1 RTM

Final releases of VS 2015 Update 1, TFS Update 1 follow quickly after release candidates that were announced during Microsoft's Connect() event in November.

Microsoft's Visual Studio team this week announced a milestone release of the Visual Studio suite, which includes release to manufacturing versions of Visual Studio 2015 Update 1, Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1 and Team Foundation Server Express 2015 Update 1, as well as the TFS Office Integration installer and TFS Project Server Extensions.

These final releases follow quickly after release candidates that were announced during Microsoft's Connect() in mid-November. These tools have been covered more recently on Visual Studio Magazine while in development in various items in the News section. What's highlighted here are some of the features that weren't highlighted in that coverage. With that, Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 includes more than a handful of changes, not the least of which is a slightly tweaked icon that makes it easy to tell the difference between this version and older versions, which can be handy when working with several versions on the same device. It also includes the newest version of .NET Framework 4.6.1.

Also new is the ability to take advantage of Visual Studio code editing while working with other programming languages. That means coders will get some basic syntax and IntelliSense help while coding for a number of languages, including Go, Java, Ruby and Swift, and editing support can be extended to other languages that support the TextMate bundle model.

Update 1 also has native support for XAML behaviors in Universal Windows Apps, done through a NuGet package or through a Blend Assets page. U1 also includes Tools for UWA1.2, which supports apps submission to the Windows Store for any apps aimed at Windows 10 SDK version 1511.

The update also includes NuGet 3.3, which sports a handful of new tabs in the UI, including one for filtering packages into groups and another for Updating a number of packages simultaneously, as well as an action button to get access to frequently used management functions.

The TFS updates are fairly consistent with the releases from a few weeks ago, but developers who are using the RC should be sure to update to the RTM version to ensure availability of all incremental improvements and fixes that may have been rolled into it. You can view a list of the changes and improvements here.

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