The Fix Is In: Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 CTP Available

These are the fixes you were looking for: more than 300 bugs squashed in C++, as well as a number of editing fixes for those working with C# and Visual Basic projects.

Software is never perfect, and developers are bound to spot problems out in the wild as new software gets pushed and prodded. Visual Studio 2015, when it was released last November, had its share of issues with fixes coming in Update 1 released back in early December. With those issues squared away, there's now an Update 2 CTP available with a number of improvements to some APIs and setup procedures.

A blog from John Montgomery, Director of Program Management for Visual Studio, outlines the biggest issues in this blog from today. Lots of the issues come from editing sessions crashing while editing files in C# and Visual Basic, and making error list entry updates. Users have also reported out-of-memory exceptions when projects are open for long periods, much of which are resolved in this CTP.

On the C++ end, users reported delayed opening of projects, which is now fixed, and more than 300 compiler bugs have been squashed. Montgomery notes that some of those bug fixes also include some breaking changes, and points to a support note that details them.

Montgomery also points to two fixes for setup issues that have bewitched users. The first one is a system that hangs when trying to set up a project that points to read-only or disconnected drives. The other problem is a setup failure when encountering uninstallable packages and problems with the selection of some setup options.

You can read more in Montgomery's blog here.

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