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What You're Missing If You're Not At Build

Microsoft Build doesn't have the build up of, say, a major release of Visual Studio, to attract attendees, so why does it sell out? It's all about networking.

Microsoft Build is taking place at the end of this month. There'll be some major news coming from it. What we know is nearly nothing at this point (we have our guesses, and we'll tell you about them in an upcoming column), but we do know that whatever news comes out of it won't have the impact of, say, a major Visual Studio upgrade. Releases like these are no longer showcased at these events, and it's not why events like Build reach their registration limits nearly as quickly as online registration opens up. It's all about the connections, the networking.

Developers who can't make this event have alternatives, of course. There's always Visual Studio Live! -- yes, a shameless plug, as it's run by the company that employs me (next one coming up is Austin in May; details here while I'm still shamelessly plugging along). But there's got to be something to it if Microsoft links to us from its "Build-Sold Out!" page.

There are also other interesting events, like this past week's fsharpConf (it's over, but you can view the recordings here), and for data devs there's the long-running SQL PASS, which always surpasses regs so you also have to get in on that as soon as registration opens up. There's a good mix of events on VSM's sibling site, Redmond Channel Partner, in this nifty calendar that's updated constantly by site producer Gladys Rama (and you can send suggested dev events to here at

Hope to see you at Build or some other event this year!

Here are ten more links I've run across that might be useful to you, in no particular order and definitely not conforming to any particular theme:

SharePoint 2013: Filtering and Sorting of List Data using AngularJS and REST-API (C# Corner) -- Make AngularJS do the tedious job of filtering and sorting SharePoint lists

3D Scan, Kinect and Windows 10 (Channel 9) -- Cool foamcore printing project that you have to see to believe

Quick Hit: Continuous Integration vs. Continuous Delivery (ALM Rocks!) -- Visual Studio Team Services gives you both options

Seriously, C++, WTF? (reddit) -- Seriously, opening and reading a file should be simpler. C++ don't care.

MVVM Validation with KnockoutJS – Don't put it in the View/HTML (LessThanDot) -- Input validation for large, rich Web sites is trickier than you are led to believe

C# 7 Feature Proposal: Local Functions (Code Project) -- Local functions -- yes, or no?

Making Entity Framework 7 and Azure Data Sync work together (Gunnar Peipman) -- Automate local and cloud data syncing

Update on Microsoft Antimalware and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) VMs (Microsoft Azure Security) -- You might need this PowerShell script to stop up a security gap

Developing Windows 10 applications with C# (Microsoft Canadian Developer Connection) -- Who reads books these days, right? So, herewith, a video on how to do this

Back to Basic : How to count occurrences of a specific word in a sentence using C# ? (Daily .NET Tips) -- After you've counted the words, let's see if you can also diagram that sentence

Know of an interesting link, or does your company have a new or updated product or service targeted at Visual Studio developers? Tell me about it at

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