Skype Previews New Coding Interview Feature

Microsoft is previewing new functionality for its Skype communications tool that lets employers conduct technical/coding interviews with prospective developer job candidates without having to switch among different apps.

"Have you ever had a remote technical screening where you have to code and talk at the same time?" the Skype team asked in a recent post. "If yes, then you know how cumbersome the process can be. You have two different apps running -- the call and a code editor -- and you constantly have to switch back and forth between the two apps. We want to help people with this process, with the launch of a new preview feature at that helps you conduct technical interviews."

No software downloads are required for the new feature, which runs completely on, leveraging a code editor residing in Microsoft Edge or Chrome (at least version 32) browsers set to English.

Those built-in code editors support seven programming languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and Ruby. In addition to in-browser video calls, the system allows for live code execution and inline syntax highlighting.

Using the new feature just requires going to and starting an interview by sharing a unique link with a prospective employee.

The team said it's interested in getting developer feedback on the brand-new feature, which can be sent in with a "Send feedback" link provided by the interview feature.

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