Microsoft Combines Visual Studio Extension Publishing, Management

Microsoft is now providing a one-stop-shop for Visual Studio extensions -- both for publishers and consuming developers.

Previously, Visual Studio coders found and installed their favorite VS extensions from the Visual Studio Marketplace, while developers actually authoring those extensions published them in the Visual Studio Gallery.

Now, everything will be combined into the VS Marketplace.

"Marketplace now serves as a single place for extension publishers and consumers to publish, manage or acquire extensions," the VS team said in a blog post today.

Benefits of the new system, Microsoft said, include:

  • Developers can have multiple people manage their extensions and exert control over what these people are allowed to do via the roles granted to them.
  • Publishers can view the all-round usage, ratings/reviews and Q&As for all their extensions and then take suitable actions via the extension reporting hub. More on that is available in this article on the "Extension reporting hub."
  • Developers can create multiple publisher profiles and list different extensions under appropriate profiles. For example, one profile could be used to manage organization-level extensions, while another could be used to list and manage a coder's personal extensions.

"We are rolling out extension publishing in phases. You can publish and manage new extensions in Marketplace right away. However, editing an existing extension (i.e. those extensions initially uploaded to Gallery) will be enabled in Marketplace in next few weeks."

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.

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