New VS Code Extension Adds GitHub Pull Request Functionality

Microsoft today announced a new extension for its Visual Studio Code editor that simplifies the process of working with GitHub pull requests.

The new integrated experience ties the code editor into the open source repository and development platform, letting developers work directly from the editor to collaborate, comment, review and validate GitHub pull requests.

The extension, published as a preview, simplifies the typical process that requires developers to leave their editor environment to review source code with a Web interface or dedicated third-party review tool, said Microsoft's Kenneth Auchenberg in an announcement post today.

He said the "GitHub Pull Requests" extension -- available in the Visual Studio Code marketplace here -- is a new type of extension powered by new APIs that the team recently baked into the core of VS Code to provide functionality such as code reviews and commenting.

"It allows you to list and browse pull requests from within VS Code," Auchenberg said in an accompanying video. "You can review pull requests with in-editor commenting, while we also added markdown support. We are also enabling a more natural PR workflow with in-editor checkout that enables you to use rich language features such as Go To Definition and IntelliSense. And lastly, we're enabling a smooth terminal integration that enables the UI in VS Code to co-exist with the Git CLI."

The extension provides access to the new Pull Requests explorer in VS Code, available in the Source Control view.

The marketplace entry says the new tool was published Sept. 7, and as of this writing was rapidly closing in on 2,000 installations, earning a 4.8 rating (out of 5) from four developers who reviewed and rated it.

Auchenberg said the new extension is "just the first example of integrating source control platform providers for code reviews in Visual Studio Code."

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.

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