C++ Videos from Microsoft Online Conference Now Available for All

One nice thing about the increasing number of online developer events is that the goodies are often made readily available for all to learn from shortly after the live presentations.

Such events are more and more replacing in-person presentations and conferences as much of the nation is under stay-at-home directives caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, including developers. But even if you don't attend the live online sessions, you can still avail yourselves of recorded versions.

C++ Video on Home Optimization
C++ Video on Home Optimization (source: Microsoft).

Such is the case with the April 30 Pure Virtual C++ event, a free single-track one-day virtual conference for the whole C++ community. Microsoft last week announced that the event's videos are now ready for viewing on YouTube. The event's eight videos range from work-from-home optimizations amid the aforementioned pandemic to low-level nuts-and-bolts tips.

The full line-up available on YouTube is:

  • Dynamic Polymorphism with Metaclasses and Code Injection with Sy Brand
  • Optimize Your C++ Development While Working From Home with Nick Uhlenhuth
  • C++ Cross-Platform Development with Visual Studio and WSL with Erika Sweet
  • Lucky 7 - Designing Text Encodings for C++ with JeanHeyd Meneide
  • C++ Development with Visual Studio Code with Julia Reid
  • Peeking Safely at a Table with Concepts with Gabriel Dos Reis
  • Practical C++20 Modules and the future of tooling around C++ Modules with Cameron DaCamara
  • Update on MSVC's implementation of the C++20 Standard Library with Mahmoud Saleh

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