Java on VS Code Improves Debugger and Test Runner

The April 2021 update to Java on Visual Studio Code mainly improves debugging and testing.

In VS Code, Java tooling is provided via various extensions that are bundled in the Java Extension Pack that's still in preview in the VS Code Marketplace. The popular extension pack has been installed more than 7.8 million times. The extensions can be downloaded together with the Java Pack Installer that can be found on Microsoft's Java in Visual Studio Code page.

Java Extension Pack
[Click on image for larger view.] Java Extension Pack (source: Microsoft).

Here's a snapshot of what's new in the latest update:

  • Inline Values and Customized Variables View for Debugging: the Debugger for Java extension that's available standalone or in the aforementioned extension pack can now show variable values inline in the editor while stepping through source code, thanks to the adoption of a new debugger extension API.
    Customized Variables
    [Click on image for larger view.] Customized Variables (source: Microsoft).
  • Generating Tests: Using the Java Test Runner extension, developers can now generate the method templates directly from a test file, with more functionality -- specifically support for generating them from a source file -- coming next month. "Automatically generating testing method templates and importing testing packages is a handy feature to improve coding efficiency," Microsoft's Yaojin Yang, Senior Program Manager, Developer Division, said in a May 13 announcement.
  • Java 16 Now Supported: Java 16 reached general availability in March, boasting 17 enhancements ranging from a Vector API (incubator) to sealed classes (preview).
  • Refined Creating Maven Project Experience: This improves working with the popular build automation tool. "Now, you will be promoted to open project right after the completion of creation," Yaojin said
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