GrapeCity Release Boosts WinForms, WPF Components

Development tool vendor GrapeCity shipped a major release of its ComponentOne suite that introduces new components for WinForms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

The new release, called ComponentOne 2023 v1, is the company's first release of the year for its flagship tooling offering. Offering .NET UI controls for mobile, web and desktop development, the release is available in a free trial.

GrapeCity is one of several third-party tooling vendors that Microsoft mentions in its UI component ecosystem documentation for Blazor, Microsoft's ASP.NET Core component for building web projects with C# instead of JavaScript. The others are Telerik, DevExpress, Syncfusion, Radzen, Infragistics and jQWidgets.

The company in February updated Blazor functionality in its ActiveReports. NET v17 release.

However, this release doesn't primarily target Blazor, used for web development in the ASP.NET Core framework, but rather focuses more on traditional Microsoft desktop development tooling including WinForms, a UI framework for Windows apps, and WPF, another UI framework that is resolution-independent and uses a vector-based rendering engine, built to take advantage of modern graphics hardware.

"The highlights of this release include a new multi-column combobox for the WinForms edition, new gauges for the WPF edition, GeoJSON support added to maps for WinForms and WPF, FlexGrid enhancements, and much more," the Pittsburgh-based company said in an announcement earlier this month.

Specifically for WinForms and WPF, the company's What's New in ComponentOne 2023 v1 site lists:

  • FlexGrid for WinForms search and preserved layout enhancements
  • FlexGrid for WPF performance and selection enhancements
  • GeoJSON support added to Maps for WinForms and WPF
  • New Multi-Column Combobox for WinForms
  • New Gauges for WPF

In addition to those WinForms and WPF improvements, other highlights include:

  • FlexGrid selection enhancements for WinUI, MAUI, and Blazor
  • Excel import and export samples for Blazor and ASP.NET Core
  • New ASP.NET Core 6.0-based libraries
  • Proxy authentication and logging support for DataConnectors

As can be seen, the FlexGrid component received a lot of development team attention.

"In this release we managed to add end-user and performance enhancements for FlexGrid across every .NET platform so no matter what kind of apps you are building, ComponentOne datagrids have you covered," said Greg Lutz, product manager.

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