Progress Telerik Release Focuses on Design, Accessibility and Data Visualization

Improvements to the latest release of Progress Telerik third-party .NET developer tooling come mainly in three areas: UI design/styling; accessibility/compliance; and data visualization.

The company last week announced the R3 2023 release of Progress Telerik, which primarily focuses on .NET components, along with its Kendo UI offering for JavaScript UI libraries and tools.

As might be expected, the former .NET-focused product provides components and functionality for popular Microsoft offerings like Blazor and .NET MAUI. In fact, on its Blazor web site, Microsoft touts the framework's large third-party ecosystem for UI components, specifically listing Telerik along with other vendors including DevExpress, Syncfusion, Radzen, Infragistics, GrapeCity and jQWidgets.

For Blazor and .NET MAUI functionality in the new release, the company highlighted:

  • New Controls in Blazor: ListBox and DropDownButton are newly added components.
  • Scheduling Capabilities and a NavigationView Component in .NET MAUI: A new Scheduler component in .NET MAUI offers an in-app calendar experience similar to Outlook or Google Calendar, while the first-of-its-kind NavigationView control ensures consistent navigational experience.

"From modernizing legacy projects to building new applications, this new release equips developers with the tools they need for UI styling and customization, compliance with the latest accessibility and security standards, and powerful data visualizations," the company said in an Oct. 26 news release.

A "what's new" site offers more details about the main focus points of the release mentioned above:

  • Expanded Design System Tooling for an Easier Design to Development Workflow:
    • Expanded Design System Support: Components such as Editor, ListView, ListBox, MultiSelectTree, DateInput and so on are now part of the Design System documentation.
    • ThemeBuilder Integrations: New components are supported in the ThemeBuilder app, covering more UI styling and customization use cases. Developers can easily embed them to achieve data-rich experiences.
    • New Customization Capabilities Across the Board: Multiple new appearance options ensure that no requirement is left behind.
  • Develop UI with Modern Reporting and Visualization Components:
    • Modernized Reporting Experience: Enhancements that will help developers uplevel their reporting efforts include the addition of native Angular Report Viewer, a SkiaSharp-based graphics library that enables Linux deployment of .NET 6+ applications and more.
    • Spreadsheet Functionality for Angular: New for Angular and improved for React, developers can add robust Excel-like functionality to their web apps.
    • New Data Visualization Components: New Trendline, Pyramid, KendoReact OrgChart and various other chart types that can standalone or integrate with other UI components offer developers what they need for web visualizations.
  • Build Secure and WCAG 2.2 Compliant Applications:
    • Improved Accessibility in Line with the Newly Released WCAG 2.2 Standard: Progress said it's among the first in the industry to ensure WCAG 2.2 compliancy for its Telerik and Kendo UI web components.
    • Strict CSP (Content Security Policy) Compliance:Telerik and Kendo UI libraries ensure secure user experiences, targeted to organizations that need to follow strict security standards.

Pricing for product bundles and individual products is listed here.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.

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