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One-Stop Shop for SQL Server Scripts

Microsoft recently updated its All-In-One Script Framework, which features SQL Server (and other) scripts designed to address common problems reported by users in forums, support incidents and online communities.

Though primarily targeted at IT pros, the scripts are helpful for developers, too, as pointed out recently by Jialiang Ge, who works at a sister project called the All-In-One Code Framework. "Considering that many developers are writing T-SQL scripts too, we hope that the scripts could be useful to you," he wrote in a MSDN blog post.

He wrote about seven new scripts added to the All-In-One-Script Framework, including:

  • Enroll SQL Server instances on multi server into an existing SQL Server Utility
  • Check SQL Server missing KB2277078 to prevent leak of security audit entries
  • How to retrieve the top N rows for each group
  • Publish report to Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode
  • Bulk set the Timeout property of the reports that in one specified folder
  • Add one user/group to a specified Reporting Services item
  • Get properties of the objects that in multiple SQL Server instances

Meanwhile, back at the All-In-One Code Framework, targeted specifically at developers, code samples are available via a standalone sample installer or as a Visual Studio extension.

Some sample scripts of interest to data developers include:

  • Import Data from Excel to SQL Server
  • Entity Framework Sample Provider
  • Upload Files Asynchronously Using AJAX into SQL Server Database
  • Bind Image in Gridview Using C# with ASP.NET
  • ASP.NET Dynamic Data Unleashed
  • LinqToSqlExample
  • Stored Procedures
The project also has a "request code sample" service described as "a proactive way for our developer community to obtain code samples for certain programming tasks directly from Microsoft." Project documentation said developers can vote on requests and Microsoft engineers will choose the requests with the most votes and provide appropriate code samples. The two most popular requests at the time of this writing were "Code samples for Orchard Project" and "N-tier Entity Framework 4 end to end sample app."

So take a look at the one-stop shops for code samples and scripts and share your thoughts by commenting here or dropping me a line.

Posted by David Ramel on 10/24/2012

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