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Silverlight Goes Linux

You might recall that when Microsoft proudly announced its Silverlight rich Internet application platform and runtime that Linux support was entirely missing.

Now, Miguel de Icaza and the Novell-sponsored folks who brought us the Linux-savvy Mono .NET compatibility layer are planning to demonstrate a Silverlight 1.1 beta running on Linux. As Jeffrey Schwartz reports, the demo will take place at Microsoft's MIX 07 conference in Paris.

Incredibly, de Icaza tells Schwartz that the Mono project team developed the Silverlight implementation -- code-named "Moonlight" -- in just 21 days. Among the features in Silverlight that appeared ready for the demo are XAML parsing, video playback and most of the graphics capabilities.

Says de Icaza: "It's been crazy, we've been working around the clock."

What do you think of de Icaza's contributions to the development community with the Mono and Moonlight projects? E-mail me at [email protected].

Posted by Michael Desmond on 06/20/2007

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