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BPMS Market Taking Off

A recent IDC report predicts that the business process management software (BPMS) market will grow at a torrid pace, to $5.5 billion by 2011, up from $890 million in 2006. The report finds that BPMS deployments are happening at the departmental and project level, rather than across enterprises -- a change from earlier business infrastructure waves such as ERP and CRM.

IDC singles out heavyweights like IBM, Oracle, BEA and Tibco as coming to the market with strong BPMS offerings, while Microsoft enters the market via its Business Process Alliance (BPA), which features partners such as Ascentn, Bluespring, K2 and Metastorm. In the offing: A battle of smaller BPMS power plays against large infrastructure companies. The report finds that small and nimble BPMS vendors are, for now, in a good position to innovate and win market share.

When I spoke with Jeff Mills, Bluespring VP of channel development and partner enrichment, earlier today, I was struck by how tightly the company's approach fits Microsoft's strategy of using the Office suite to unlock back end systems.

"The Bluespring perspective is we are seeing a tremendous amount of growth in the market, primarily because BPMS technology relies on effectively rolling people into the process. And the easiest way to do that is to bring them into Office tools, because that is what they know and use," Mills said.

In fact, Bluespring hopes to take IT out of the equation to a large extent by giving business process experts the ability to both craft and deploy, without technical intervention, automated business processes. Central to this approach is Bluespring's interpreted XML model, which enables customers to pause, refine and restart deployed processes in flight, allowing businesses to iterate their efforts.

Read the abstract for the IDC study, entitled "Worldwide Business Process Management Suite 2007-2011 Forecast and 2006 Vendor Shares" (IDC #207954), here.

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Posted by Michael Desmond on 08/15/2007 at 1:15 PM

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