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RDN Innovator Awards Kick Off

Developing software, especially inside the enterprise, can be thankless work. There are no shiny, shrink-wrapped boxes in store shelves, no market buzz or feedback from the media, and most such projects only get real attention when things go wrong.

We want to put the spotlight on dev projects that went right.

To help recognize the best efforts of corporate software developers and management working for the Windows and .NET platforms, Redmond Developer News in September launched the first annual Innovator Awards.

The contest is going on right now. We've issued a formal call for entries spanning seven different software development categories. Criteria for winning entries will be those that show an innovative approach to application development, while delivering a compelling business outcome.

Want to see your hard work recognized and even featured in Redmond Developer News? Innovator Award winners and runners up will be profiled in our Dec. 1 issue. This is a great chance for your dev shop to be recognized for its creative effort and technical acumen. Here's a quick rundown of the seven categories:

  • Pure Windows: A look at applications that were built and designed using pure Windows-based development tools and designed to be run on Windows-based back-office applications such as, but not limited to, Microsoft's SQL Server, BizTalk and SharePoint.
  • SOA: Emphasizes how applications were developed to take advantage of Web services available through BizTalk, in addition to other middleware and/or application servers it may be linked to.
  • Collaboration: Applications that make use of Microsoft's SharePoint services or similar application-sharing platforms, which are designed to run with Windows-based client and server-based applications.
  • Business Intelligence/Digital Dashboards: Focuses on applications that use BI platforms that are hosted using Windows-based applications such as SQL Server or BizTalk, and/or were developed with tools that take advantage of Windows-based APIs. These should be applications that provide business analysts and high level executives real time views of how a business is performing.
  • Only Office: These are applications either built using the development capabilities of Office or to use the Office suite in a unique and innovative way (providing noteworthy business impact).
  • Rich Internet (RIA): Web-based applications that employ rich user interfaces and provide a sophisticated user experience beyond what is possible using simple HTML. Entries should be built on AJAX, Flash, Silverlight or other RIA-enabling platforms, and should deliver significant programmatic interaction.
  • Roadworthy: Applications designed specifically for mobile users and other non-traditional client devices including Windows-mobile-based PDAs, Windows Tablet Edition or traditional laptops, making use of wireless networks or for scenarios where the user is rarely, if ever connected directly to a corporate network, yet utilizing the services of the enterprise.

Entrants must be custom applications developed by or for corporate, non-profit or public-sector enterprises. And yes, applicants are welcome to enter multiple projects in various categories.

Finally, a note about the Innovator Awards, which were actually founded 13 years ago by Application Development Trends, a sister Web site to RDN. If you have a cross-platform or non-Microsoft development effort you think is worthy of consideration, definitely look over the ADT Innovator Awards. The winners of those awards will be published on

Entrants can download an application form for the RDN awards here or, for the ADT Innovator Awards, here. Good luck!

Posted by Michael Desmond on 09/12/2007

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