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JetBrains ReSharper 5 Poised to Impress

Speaking with developers and software vendors following the Visual Studio 2010 launch keynote this morning and it's clear the community has been busy keeping pace with Microsoft. Case in point is JetBrains. The company is releasing ReSharper 5, a significantly updated and improved version of its refactoring and productivity plug-in for Visual Studio.

JetBrains worked closely with Microsoft throughout the Visual Studio 2010 development cycle to ensure ReSharper would be ready to plug into the updated IDE at its launch. For instance, JetBrains engineers faced a real challenge tying into the redesigned, WPF-based user interface of Visual Studio 2010. The company also spent a great deal of effort fully optimizing ReSharper to preserve responsiveness.

We reviewed ReSharper 4.5 back in September 2009, but version 5 of the tool may force us to give JetBrains' marquee tool another look.

The JetBrains rep I spoke with also made a point to call out the heavy interest he has seen among customers in ASP.NET MVC. ReSharper 5 adds extensive MVC support, and it sounds like MVC developers may want to give ReSharper a look for its abilities in this area.

Posted by Michael Desmond on 04/12/2010

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