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Later this week (Thursday, September 23), I'll be at the Compuware OJX conference at the company headquarters in Detroit (disclaimer: I toil by day for Compuware, but am not paid to promote company products or services in this forum). Compuware offers an MDA modeling product for J2EE called OptimalJ, and this event is geared toward explaining and promoting the model-driven architecture. I'll be moderating an experts panel on the topic of "The Future of Java." There will be speakers on a variety of topics, and food and music at the end of the day. < color="#335588">

Next week (September 27-29), I'll be participating in the Gartner Application Development Summit in Phoenix. This is the opportunity to hear a number of Gartner analysts speak on a wide variety of software development topics, including platforms, techniques, and management.

Last, on October 17-19, I'll be co-chair of Java Pro Live!, Fawcette Technical Publications' first conference promoting Java technologies and solutions across the application lifecycle. This will be at the Sheraton adjacent to the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. I'll write on this in detail in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, you can get more information at I hope to see you there.

Posted by Peter Varhol on 09/20/2004 at 1:15 PM

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