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See You at Java Pro Live!

Java Pro Live!, FTP's first all-Java conference, is taking place this Sunday through Tuesday at the Sheraton in Boston adjacent to the Hynes Convention Center. Through my involvement with other FTP conferences, I asked for a leadership role in helping to kick off this effort. The result was that I was asked to co-chair the conference, both a singular honor as well as a considerable time sink.

So I have a significant interest in helping to make sure Java Pro Live! is a success. Fortunately, a number of dedicated and hard-working folks at FTP have laid a lot of groundwork leading up to this point, so I anticipate that all the details have been taken care of, and that the conference will go smoothly.

And the conference sessions look exciting too. We have keynotes from executives at Eclipse, Borland, BEA, and JBoss, as well as sessions from both industry experts and technology users breaking new ground. Because the tracks are divided up between architecture, development, and management, you can focus your efforts in areas of the application lifecycle most important to your work.

Other than JavaOne, few if any conferences focus exclusively on Java. And this first iteration of Java Pro Live! will be a small conference, so that it will be possible to meet and interact with peers and speakers.

You can get more information at If you attend, please stop by and say hello.

Posted by Peter Varhol on 10/14/2004 at 1:15 PM

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