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New Visual Studio Magazine Column Debuts: Modern C++

I'm excited to announce the refresh of a previous column, which is under new management and a new name. Those of you who still work in the native code world will be delighted to know that today marks the debut of a new C++ column: Modern C++.

Modern C++ replaces the former "New Age C++" column, which ran for a little more than a year, and was written by former Microsoftie Diego Dagum. Diego moved on to new ventures, but he built up a readership that looked forward to his monthly installments on coding in the "old" language of C++.

For those who don't know (and as Diego pointed out often), C++ has been regularly updated and tuned to work better than ever, doing away with much that didn't work, and simplifying the language. The latest version is C++ 11, and it's quite different than than it was even five years ago. To give just one example: memory management has been greatly improved through the use of smart pointers.

When I went looking for a new writer to take over the column, I turned to a former columnist of mine, back in the days when I worked for MSDN Magazine: Kenny Kerr. Kenny's a veteran C++ developer, and a terrific writer. I've been working as an editor in the IT world for many years now, and let me tell you: it's exceptionally difficult to find developers who are also great writers. Writing about development isn't an easy thing, and few have mastered the art. Kenny is one of those few.

That's why I turned to him; I was hoping he'd have some recommendations for me. When he suggested that he might want to tackle the new column himself, I was ecstatic: it's not that often you get your first choice.

Kenny has a passion for using C++ to develop Windows apps, and that's what he'll be doing (for the most part) in this column. His initial offering, for example, covers Windows' native spell-checking API for C++ developers. What, you didn't know that Windows had a spell-checking API for C++? That's why you need to read this column.

Modern C++ will appear monthly, and I think you'll find it a fabulous resource for helping you develop in this new, "old" language. Please join me in wishing Kenny a warm hello.

Posted by Keith Ward on 08/06/2013 at 9:02 AM

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