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Mono Moving to Android

Yesterday I spoke with Joseph Hill, who is the product manager for the Mono Project at Novell. We were talking about yesterday's launch of Mono Tools for Visual Studio 2.0, which extends cross-platform support and improves debugging capability in the Visual Studio add-in. When I asked Joseph about what we might expect next from Mono in this space, he was clear.

"As of today the Mono Tools team is pretty focused on supporting our Mono Droid effort. Mono Droid is going to enable you to do Mono development for Android," Hill said, calling it the "highest priority."

Of course, the Mono Project is already active in the handset space, with MonoTouch 3.0.8 adding iPhone 4 support in June. With Windows Phone 7 development expected to take off this year, Hill noted that adding support for the Android platform made even more sense.

Posted by Michael Desmond on 07/30/2010

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