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Visual Studio Tip: Print Your Code So That It Looks Like Your Screen

A few months back, I provided a tip on how to print your code so that it would support code reviews. I recently had someone say that what they really wanted was to have the code appear on paper just like it appears on in the editor window, even if they made changes to how that their code appeared in the editor window.

That's easy to do in most versions of Visual Studio (but not, for some reason, in Visual Studio 2013): First, select the Tools | Options menu choice. In the resulting dialog, select the Environment | Fonts and Colors node in the list on the left. Then, on the right hand side, in the "Show setting for:" dropdown list select Printer. This will cause the button just to its right to change its caption to "Useā€¦" Click that button and select "Text Editor Settings". Your code will now print with the same settings as your printer.

Posted by Peter Vogel on 11/26/2013

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